Any Spanish or Catalan DDBB members?

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Any Spanish or Catalan DDBB members?

Postby Tabby » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:44 am

I had the great fortune of being in Barcelona shortly before all of this erupted, which is probably why I'm interested. But there are a few other things that pique my curiosity. Let me be frank - I really haven't got a clue what is behind the whole thing so all of my opinions are based on observations of an uneducated outsider. WTF is going on!!!! As far as I can tell, Catalan wants independence and has voted so. Spain doesn't want to let them go so they've gone all militant which has only made the Catalan independent movement stronger. Are they headed to civil war? Why isn't the EU stepping in? From an outsider point of view - and one who went through a separation referendum in her own country not long ago - it seems like Spain is trying to pick a fight. Any "eyes-on-the-ground" insight would be appreciated.

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Re: Any Spanish or Catalan DDBB members?

Postby piedmontfields » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:38 pm

This is a decent summary: ... 25836.html

IMO, it is about both culture/history and economics. But if Catalonia were to leave Spain, it would be bad for both Spain and Catalonia (many EU companies would leave Barcelona if Catalonia separates).

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