2015 Furst Romancier....Update, new video fall 2017

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2015 Furst Romancier....Update, new video fall 2017

Postby Rooney » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:29 pm

Just inspected by the Westphalians. Was told was TOP TOP by Andrea Sieg. She said she would not sell if he was hers but I do not have her resources. I've been breeding since the 1980's and this is the best of the best of mine. Super sweet temperament!!

Update Jan. 18..... from World Young Dressage Horse Finals...............winner is by Furst Dance's sire Furst Romancier!

"So on to the Five-Year-old final. The judges were Susanne Baarup, Eddy de Wolff van Westrode and Isabelle Judet, with Dr Dietrich Plewa the judge entrusted with communicating the views of the panel to the masses. They were looking, he said, for quality basic gaits, the standard of training (remember that bit) and general appearance, conformation, temperament and quality.

Dear me he got all of those in abundance with the first horse out in the class, the Small Final winner, Florina, ridden with exquisite tact by Claudia Rüscher. The Hanoverian is by Fürst Romancier out of a Donnerhall mare, a nice fusion of young horse star, and Grand Prix master. Perfect frame, loose and soft through the back, the pair flowed around the arena, the mare’s ears pricked, her eye bright and engaged, and when asked to give rein on the half circle, she just effortlessly loosened her neck and followed the invitation down. At times the contact looked a little tight, like the noseband, and it was a less than perfect final trot, but everything else had been wonderful. Trot – 8.8 , walk 9.5, canter 8.6, submission 8.4, general impression 8.8 for a 8.82 total.

“A wonderful horse,” said Dr Plewa, and to that, amen."

Update!! Fasine (Fürst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall I). © 2015 Mark gr. Feldhaus
ANKUM, Germany, Dec. 6, 2015–Fasine, the six-year-old Oldenburg state premium mare, was sold for €1.3/US$1.4 million as the highest priced dressage horse at the 36th annual Performance Sales International auction.
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