A spring evening with Ariel

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A spring evening with Ariel

Postby PaulaO » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:21 pm

Yesterday was the first spring-like day. 70s and cloudy, and actually a bit too warm for me. I was exhausted from work and didn't feel like riding, so Ariel and I groomed on the grass. There is hardly any grass yet though, so we walked around the back of the property. Mind you, we are on about 100 acres so there is lots to see. Had to go by the shavings trailer, behind the barn by the cherry picker, near the machine shop with all the equipment outside, to the round pens, but most importantly, down the driveway all the way where she would not go last year. I know I was nervous last year. This year, I'm like ho-hum, get your butt down here and I can deal with whatever nonsense you pull. Except she didn't pull any nonsense.

She is a horse that is like a shark. She has to keep moving. 11,000 steps on my Garmin....

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