Do you believe in Karma, Guardian Angel, other?

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Do you believe in Karma, Guardian Angel, other?

Postby Josette » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:40 pm

I do. I've had several situations that could have had a bad outcome - if the powers that be had not intervened. Maybe it was luck or whatever but these situations could have ended badly.

My morning routine is to feed all animals between 5:45 - 6 AM then do an early walk at 6:45 to nearby park. Then ride my pony between 8 - 9 to try and beat the heat and be done by 10. However, this morning light rain last night triggered 92% humidity and I was undecided about park walk. I have 2 small rescue dogs: 1 dachshund/corgi mix young age 1 very timid - and 1 mature chi/terrier mix very protective of his person and property - build like a 20# cinder block.

So young dog whines he wants to go the park and I decide to try a late walk at 7:20 - make it a short one. I had a letter to mail and typically would leash my dogs for the long walk down our driveway to the mailbox. This morning I put dogs in the truck and stopped at the end of the driveway - hop out to the mailbox. A large white truck is slowly coming down the street at the same moment I am at the mailbox. As I turn back to my truck a large german shepard (no collar) is standing between me and my truck. I was so taken by surprise I froze and simply said in soft doggie voice 'hey baby'. (I am wearing large dark sunglasses and baseball cap. If dog stood on hind legs he would have been taller than me.) Male driver in truck has window rolled down and makes a sound/command to the dog and continues driving with dog slowly following the truck to neighbors driveway. This sounds like a minor incident - but if I had been walking my dogs to the mailbox there would have been a huge dog fight. My terrier mix would have gone wild if this dog approached to even sniff them.

I've had a few close situations where I've been on my property and loose dogs have come after me. Sometimes I was walking my dogs or riding my horse. I feel like a cat with nine lives and very close to #8 or #9 now. :roll:

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Re: Do you believe in Karma, Guardian Angel, other?

Postby PaulaO » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:09 pm

I definitely believe that what goes around comes around. That if you act like an @sshole, you will eventually be treated the same way. I also believe that angels/spirits can take messages to others, usually messages of forgiveness or healing.

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Re: Do you believe in Karma, Guardian Angel, other?

Postby Flight » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:45 am

I don't, but would love to think so! But weird coincidences like that are fascinating. As an owner of small dogs (an unfortunately had one killed by a german shepard) I can feel your relief that they were safe.

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