Hip replacement who here has had one?

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Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby horsepepsi » Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:37 pm

Next week Friday,I'm going to have my left hip repaced. Yippee...
If anyone has had one, if so I know that I'll hurt, that I can handle. And I assume that there will be a scar, again not a biggie. I'm looking for the stuff that the Drs. don't tell you.
This is happening really fast it was last week when I had another injection which lasted less than 24hours. This was the 3rd injection in the last month and a half. Each with something different. The first two lasted maybe 3 or 4 hours, I see my orthopedic Monday to sign paperwork and to do more blood work. My orthopedic has talked to my oncologist to see if there is any thing that he should do.
Lol maybe I'll lose the extra lbs I have managed to put on since I was last in the hospital. It's only 40lbs. Last time I lost 90. Which was way too much. I had to put on 30 to get to weight. It would be a good thing if I lost 40 maybe 45. :D

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby texsuze » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:04 pm

No artificial parts for me....yet. Neighbor down the road (she is very heavy) had hip done two months ago, and my farrier had hip replacement exactly a year ago. I've known several folks over the last few years with hip or knee replacements. All are very happy with results, and the surgeries went as described by docs.

I believe it is also important that your surgeon knows the type of physical activity you do, i.e. riding, etc. and what that involves. My farrier's surgeon wasn't familiar with the demands of horse shoeing until farrier explained a 'typical' day to him. It gave his surgeon a better perspective the daily physical requirements, also knowing that my farrier had no intention of retiring or reducing his workload once he was back up to speed.

The main takeaway I've heard from many is the post-surgical physio is critical to success. The PT appointments can't be skipped or shortened and the rehab might be uncomfortable or even boring. Ask the PT folks about any exercises they may recommend once you've completed your "course" with them. And depending upon your condition/situation pre-surgery, you might experience muscle soreness, pain, etc. in the hip/leg opposite from the surgery side while the muscle groups/tendons/ligaments etc. are sorting themselves out. Again, farrier had this situation and had to ask his PT about why his knee hurt, etc.

Hope this helps. I'm sure you'll be glad you've had the surgery. Keep us posted!

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby Kyra's Mom » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:34 pm

I had my right hip replaced in 2015. I had a less 'popular' approach called Superpath but that was great. SuperPath uses some special tools and allows the surgeon access to the joint without cutting any of the muscles. I believe an anterior approach also allows muscle sparing or at least less cutting so recovery is usually a little faster. The Superpath approach has less downtime and much less chance of dislocation so fewer annoying (but necessary) restrictions. Be sure your surgeon does a lot of procedures. The high volume guys have the best outcomes. Practice makes perfect and such.

I didn't have all that much pain. I think I was off of narcotics by day 4 or 5. Up walking quickly. I could have come home after one night in the hospital but got a bit of a drug interaction between the narcs and my BP meds which resulted in me nearly passing out the next morning (BP of 90/50) so I did stay 2 nights.
I was back to work in 3 1/2 weeks and I actually was on my horse after 4 1/2 weeks. Granted it was tentative and only a 'pony' ride at the walk but I was able to mount and dismount unassisted. I did do physical therapy and it started like 4 days after surgery :o :P . Oh yeah, the first few sessions were pretty brutal but I had a great PT that was able to modify the exercises and within a week, I was able to do them without modification.

I have had absolutely zero issues with the joint since.

Next joints in line...left knee and hip. I just had back surgery last week...surgery seems to be my second profession :P

Good luck and jingles.

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby heddylamar » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:41 pm

My mother had her right hip replaced 3 years ago. She'd lost all of the cartilege, and some of the knob of the femur.

I was there for Mom's surgery and several weeks of recovery. She was up and about with minimal pain within the first day, and started PT two days post-op. Lifting anything over 20# was off limits until okayed by PT. By the time I left, she was cooking and gardening again, but hadn't taken over barn chores and still wasn't driving (all of the vehicles were manual tranny).

Last summer my barn owner had her left hip replaced, with similarly great results, and none of the previous pain. She had a traumatic riding accident several years earlier, and her hip had been pinned back together, so all of that had to be removed/resurfaced before the new joint could be installed.

Mom had to give up running (the glued in joints just don't last under that repetitive percussion) and neither can do repetitive heavy-lifting tasks, like moving stacking 300 bales of hay, but have otherwise faced no obstacles. Both ride, and do all of their own 20+ acre farm maintenance/chores. Mom maintains extensive vegetable gardens, and kayaks without problem.

Both had the arthoscopic posterior hip replacement, and have the glued in plastic ball and metal pin joint.

Work with your PT and be very very clear and upfront about what you will be doing post-op.

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby Silverado » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:20 pm

My 80 year old Aunt had her hip replaced this past spring.....she said she felt immediate relief and feels so much better. Of course, she couldn't return to her regular summer job until August 1st...today ....to (drum roll please...) LIFEGUARDING....!!! Yes...her boss has been calling her all summer wondering when she can come back...BUT...she has to wait until November 1st before she can return to riding! I hope your experience is as great as her was with the surgery and PT!

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby Briarwood » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:29 am

I had a total replacement of my right hip on 12/7/17. Surgeon used the frontal approach which has no restrictions and much less recovery time. One night in the hospital. They had me up and walking using a walker the evening of the day of surgery. The morning of day 2 I was taught how to do stairs (up with the good leg first, down with the bad leg first). Went home the afternoon of day 2. Stayed in the house for 2 more days and on day 5 I started going to the barn using my walker. My son was here the first week post-op and he helped a little in the barn, but I went out there every day at least 2x a day. The mini donkeys freaked out the first time I came into the barn with the walker! I fed and did 3 stalls on my own from then on. I even used the wheelbarrow to get to the manure pile. I would use the walker to get to the barn and then park it until I was done. After 3 weeks I was really just carrying the walker in front of me on my way to the barn, but wanted that security since it snowed a few times. Neighbor would come and shovel from back porch to the barn for me. Cleared to ride at 8 weeks post surgery. I started driving again at 3 weeks. I was a happy camper from the day of surgery. I walked like Chester from Gunsmoke the last month pre-surgery. I had to wait almost 2 months to get on the surgery schedule, this surgeon is so busy. I have no limp and no hip pain. Wish I had done it months earlier.

Hope yours is as successful!

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby Tsavo » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:45 am

I heard recently on Doctor Radio that this is one of the most successful ortho ops out there. It has been done out patient and the doctors love doing them because the patients are so pleased.

Good luck, Horsepepsi.

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby Mainer » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:07 pm

Had my right hip replaced back in 2001 when I was 46. Then in 2011 had my left one done. Both times I was riding after 3 months per doctors orders.
Like previous posters have said PT is very important. The recovery of the second one was so much easier than the first... my only pain med following surgery was tylenol for about a week. And I was on crutches for about 4 weeks. Today, except for the scars, I wouldn't know I have two artificial hips.
I ride, garden, hike, do yoga, really anything I want to do. I tried the injections twice (never did much for me). I think finding a surgeon who does ALOT of them is key... good luck!

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby horsepepsi » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:55 am

Thanks for all your replies.
I had my "pre-surgey class" this evening. The coordinator said that I would get up within a few hours of my surgery and be sent home the next day barring anything unexpected happening.
I think that hardest thing for me is going to be the no more than a 90° bend restrictions. I sleep on my side with my left ( the side of the surgery) knee bent and slightly elevated. And when I get cold I (when I'm sleeping) I tend to "fold up" with my knees pulled up to my chest.
But I am looking forward to the surgery I've had problems with that hip since mmmm 1976/77 when I grew for the last time in my life. My hip has "slipped out of place" or that's what my parents and I call what happens. And it takes a pretty hefty tug while turning the leg to "slip it back into" the socket. Or I would be dragging my leg slightly behind and just almost off the ground.
I forgot to ask if I should stop my low dose aspirin that I take every morning to keep my platelets slippery.
But I can ask the Dr when I see him on Monday.
Thanks again for your replies. :D

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby heddylamar » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:35 am

horsepepsi wrote:I sleep on my side with my left ( the side of the surgery) knee bent and slightly elevated.

Do you have a recliner? They're not the most comfortable for sleeping, but it would force you to sleep mostly on your back, and far straighter than curling on your side.

horsepepsi wrote:I forgot to ask if I should stop my low dose aspirin that I take every morning to keep my platelets slippery.

Most places, the surgical nurse will call 72-48 hours before your surgery, and go over all of this.

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Re: Hip replacement who here has had one?

Postby awa » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:12 pm

I had my second hip replacement done two weeks ago. This one was much easier than the last one 18 years ago, with a much smaller incision. Up and walking the day of surgery, along with my first PT session. Discharged the next day. I used a walker for a few days and the graduated to a cane. I basically walk unassisted in the house now, but keep a cane for early mornings and the evening when I’m getting tired.
Things to know:
-Drink Gatorade (not red, blue or purple) day before and day after surgery. It helps with recovery.
-Chew gum for post-surgical nausea if you have general anesthesia.
-Follow your hip precautions!
-Stay ahead of the pain with your meds, ice packs are very effective to reduce pain and swelling, do you exercises! A gel pac for cervical pain (neck and shoulders) works well to cover large areas of the hip and leg as it swells.

First 3 days following surgery are the hardest, but then it gets much better quickly.

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