I am done with winter

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I am done with winter

Postby PaulaO » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:54 pm

Things were mild until the deep freeze of February 1. Temps have slowly gotten into the teens, but we've had ice storms. The barn parking lot is a skating rink. The pastures are o.k. but the walks to the pastures are a bit sketchy and the compost was spread along the paths. Yesterday the wind was in excess of 40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

I have not done much riding! Miss A. is content to be ridden once or twice a week. She is NOT content to be in her stall, weather be damned. Our former trainer retired and we shifted trainers. I like the new one. She tells me how to do something and lets me process it and figure it out. Miss A. has gotten much better about responding and actually moving her hindquarters as opposed to pretending (old school horse trick). She had body work last week and her right rib was a bit tight. Must have loosened a lot cuz on Saturday she was quite ticklish.

There is a new trainer at the barn with a gorgeous Dutch mare. He has trained and shown through I1 and is a very nice, kind man. I kinda want to take a lesson from him, but don't want to offend my current trainer, plus I don't want to "do dressage." Does that make sense? Currently we are working on what I call functional dressage, although it should all be the same.

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