Miracle cure suggestions

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Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Nikiwink » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:18 am

I think I'm just hoping for a miracle but figure doesn't hurt to ask just in case.

I've had for a year now a super cute 6yo qh x tb gelding. We've developed quite a bond and while I've only got him green broke (my time limits) he's a real trier and has a great brain.

From when i got him i suspected something was not quite right behind but had conflicting advice (and training issues to address) so slowly pottered on.

Anywho last week i said enough and headed to the vets for xrays. End result, noticeably lame behind (and slightly tender in one front) on the concrete (on the sand at home its much less obvious) and xrays showed major spurs in his right hock (other hind joints clean). Front feet that we had been levelling (hi low heels) showed signs of historical laminitis.

The hock being the major issue. Vets were not optimistic of short term soundness let alone long term given his young age, limited work, current lameness and suspect age of the spurs (spurs explain the high low and some slight muscling unevenness). Ran thru options for surgery, steroid injections etc but vets as said were pretty blunt and did not expect success.

While I'm mostly resigned to the reality (i think) its still in the back of my head is there something out there that might help that i don't know about. So just in case anyone got any miracles for me??

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Tsavo » Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:12 am

How sure are they that it is the hock that is causing the lameness and not maybe the foot? Most lamenesses by far are foot-related.

Did you do podiatry radiographs? Check for an NPA on the same-side hind to the high foot. This might explain incorrect muscling that looks like hock but isn't. My horse was misdiagnosed as hock in part based on incorrect muscling when it was an NPA so I know these two things can be confused.

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Abby Kogler » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:38 pm

You might try Surpass. There was some evidence that twice daily Surpass actually reduced the visible bony changes IIRC. I have used it to good effect.

I have seen terrible xrays that resolved in to clinical soundness. But as your vets say this may be an end to any sort of performance career. Im so sorry.

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Sue B » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:17 pm

depending on the location of the spurs, perhaps the hock will fuse? I would certainly get more than one opinion though. I wonder why such a young horse is such a mess physically? Jingles your miracle appears.

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby texsuze » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:43 pm

Any option for getting another set of eyes on this horse? I'm certainly not one to go vet shopping in hopes of finding the 'happy' diagnosis, but for a prognosis as limiting as this seems to be, I'd be inclined to seek another opinion which might either concur, or give another slant on the situation.

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Nikiwink » Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:46 am

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the brief replies. On my phone and the layout is not easy.

99%sure its the hock. Left canter is near non existent and struggles to bend left too but is left foot dominant. Could be NPA as vet felt xrays of hind feet not necessary (did fronts). But i dont think likely. He had long toes from no trims for 2 years and they are now pretty good. No bullnose or toe dragging etc. Tho is quite straight behind conformationally. Front feet coffin bone was more level than it should be.

Ive not heard or surpass so will look into it thanks.

Vet didnt think fusion was likely tho its possible. Horse was a very lightly handled 5yo when i got him. Had been running on big acerage with a herd. So could be possible paddock accident (has lots of old big muscle tears too). I also know he had an accident 2yrs or so ago which well may be the cause. The owner had a trainer come in who put too much pressure on him and he took out a round yard in his escape.

Yes i could get another set of eyes but this vet is actually the 4th expert to look at him. But first xrays. Generally consensus with otghers was initial very high anxiety, training and muscles. But i have all that pretty good now. Id probably be more inclined to go back to the same practice and nerve block everything else to confirm further. Due to his anxiety and stranger feet picking up issues id only booked a basic lameness exam and then the xrays. But he was foot perfect for the vet (heart going 100miles tho and the first round of drugs didnt even touch him).

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Re: Miracle cure suggestions

Postby Hayburner » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:41 pm

So sorry that you have this diagnosis - It's hard to hear and accept on such a young horse.

Since I had a misdiagnosis with my mare as the specialist did not nerve block her - get the nerve blocks done you will know more about what you can do for him.

My mare too was running on acreage for 5 years and after a more thorough exam it looked like she had a prior suspensory issue. That was found with the 2nd trip to the specialist and further ultrasounds.

Fingers crossed that you get a better diagnosis.

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