MacRider Saddle Fitting Postive News

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MacRider Saddle Fitting Postive News

Postby Silverado » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:16 pm

Okay, I contacted MacRider Saddlery about a saddle fitter in my area. They sent me the name of the closest saddle fitter to me which was 8 hours away but I did contact her. Valerie McCloskey is a saddle fitter/very accomplished rider and trainer. She was friendly, extremely helpful and honest! She offered me several options...remote fitting or setting up a saddle fitting session in my area with other folks who need the service and she would travel. However, first she took the model number and name and did research on my saddle. The good news is that Valerie did the research (cheerfully I might add), the bad news is that my saddle is one that the tree can not be widen. I currently have a very wide back Connemara pony. So, I will be selling my MacRider Evolution Saddle with the gorgeous Italian leather, basically a brand new saddle. It could be reflocked but there is no reason to do that, that won't make it wide enough for a Connemara.

On another positive note, MacRider Saddlery posted on Facebooks an announcement that a MacRider Saddle Fitter would be traveling to 6 states to do saddle fitting. And the saddle fitter was taking appointments and would also have new models for people to test ride.

I just wanted to report that for me, it has been a good experience with the MacRider Saddle company. Even though, the bottom line for me is I am selling my saddle.

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Re: MacRider Saddle Fitting Postive News

Postby blob » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:58 pm

thanks for sharing, good to know they are expanding their reach

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