Arena rock collector

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Arena rock collector

Postby LindaJ » Thu May 28, 2020 2:41 pm

Other than old fashioned hand picking, what’s the best option for getting rocks of of arena footing?

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Re: Arena rock collector

Postby Srhorselady » Fri May 29, 2020 12:15 am

In Arizona there is a company called Rid o Rocks that uses a machine that will sift down and pull rocks larger than a quarter down about four inches. I suspect something similar exists elsewhere. My neighbor had it done and it worked fairly well. Eventually (after years) more rocks migrated up but noT as badly as it was originally. Good Luck!

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Re: Arena rock collector

Postby texsuze » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:14 am

There is an attachment called a 'rock rake' which, I think, is pulled behind a tractor, to gather surface rocks. I could've used one many times, but ended up hiring some folks to hand pick rocks back when I was creating my horse pastures! I actually believed that I could get rid of those rocks for good :lol: In this part of the county, our rock reproduction rate is very high.... ;)

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Re: Arena rock collector

Postby heddylamar » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:23 am

My cousins and I were my aunt's rock collectors. She collected rocks too ... but we were paid labor. Looking back, I think we were exploited.

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