Episode 5 where my farrier weighs in on stuff

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Episode 5 where my farrier weighs in on stuff

Postby Tsavo » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:12 pm

1. He measured my horse's feet and told me I can't use a tracing like I did. His feet are:

LF: width is 5.5, length is 6.0
RF: width is 5.0, length is 5.75 to 5 7/8

2. We picked sizes tentatively for the softest blue pegasos shoes but I have to ask them which size is best.

3. He confirmed we never had this heel issue prior to pulling the hinds in over 11 years. He thinks it seems likely that it might be related to pulling the hinds and unweighting them onto the LF as per my hypothesis about why this happened suddenly now. There is no other candidate explanation for it.

4. The heel has recovered almost completely in these 6 weeks. He said we may never recover the last bit no matter what we do or don't do.

5. He will be ready for shoes in few weeks most likely.

6. He was surprised the club reacted well to pulling the shoes. He said some horses will wear the toe on a club. That didn't happen and he even had to take toe so he was pleasantly surprised. I reminded him he said the same about the hinds... That he was surprised they reacted so well. I suggested maybe my horse is doing better than expected is because he has very good hoof and sole quality despite having whack angles and crushed digital cushions. He thought that was a plausible explanation.

7. I am eager to get those soft shoes to try.

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