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Postby Hot4Spots » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:23 pm

Just wanted to give a thumbs up for the Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups. For the years since my horse's injury where I've been relegated to only walking him, and now, presently some trotting (we're up to 10 minutes in 3-4 minute sets), my knees started ACHING really badly after about 10-15 minutes. They do not bother me any other time, whether walking or running, maybe a little twinge if I have to carry something heavy up stairs, but otherwise, only a problem while riding. Enough that I have had to grit my teeth and keep going in order to ensure my guy gets his exercise. At first, I just took a couple of Aleve before riding, but that didn't help much. I solicited suggestions and did get those copper infused compression sleeves (I think the compression helps more than the copper!), and that helped a bit. About two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought the Sprenger stirrups ($$$), and wow! I can't say I have no aches now, but it's about a 90% improvement. I'm really pleased. Most interestingly, I am now feeling less pain when posting than when walking, and in any event, it's a very mild ache now. (Someone suggested I add kinesiology tape, so I'm going to try that, too.

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