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USEF dressage finals

Postby demi » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:30 pm

I’ve been watching off and on all three days and in general, I am impressed by the quality of horsemanship. I am watching AA PSG at the moment and a few of the ammies look like professionals.

Some other thoughts: I really liked the GP freestyle of Adiah and James Koford. I wasnt overly impressed when I watched their regional tests this year, but now, at the finals, I just loved watching the partnership. Plus, the music for their freestyle was really enjoyable for me. Most freestyle music, even the BNTs, seems like elavator music to me.

I also have been googling some of the riders, and found this encouraging story. There are several riders on this board that have had really bad luck, and I hope they are encouraged by this link. I know I am. The story was from a few years ago, but she’s back at the finals this year on another horse. She’s one of the riders that riders that rides like a pro. Very nice to watch and she obviously loves her horses. ... inals.html

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