Manure Spreaders

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Manure Spreaders

Postby Srhorselady » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:17 pm

Texsuze. Since you said you were going to research manure spreaders I thought I’d start the topic, I have had two of these: Estate Mighty Spreader Model 600A from Country Manufacturing Inc (800-335-1880).

I bought my first one used when I built my little ranchette. When it died 10 years later I went looking for another one. They are NOT available in the state of Arizona. I had to buy online and have it shipped. The shipping cost almost as much as the spreader. It’s cheaper to have it delivered to a commercial address. (I had mine shipped to work and they loaded it directly into my pickup off the Semi). Then we put it together (not too bad).

I really like mine. Very little to go wrong. I replaced a rubber belt once and the chain link once each in 20 years. I have NOT been good about maintenance either. I use it to dump manure on my conditioning trail (not totally flat, a few washes and slight inclines) for footing so I don’t have a manure disposal problem. The conditioning trail follows the property line around 5 acres. I used to dump it twice weekly when I had 5-6 horses. Now with only 3 it is only dumped once weekly. In the past I pulled with a garden tractor with no problem. For the past 12 ? Years I’ve used my 35hp tractor. It’s well balanced and I can hook it up myself even when fully loaded. (I’m 5 foot 117 lbs and 69 years old so little muscular strength required).

If you have any questions let me know.

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Re: Manure Spreaders

Postby texsuze » Wed Mar 18, 2020 7:31 pm

Thanks Srhorselady,
I hadn't found that company yet. Nice little spreader for my 1-horse situation, plus looks like they have lots of barn/stall accessories that I've always thought about getting (mesh panels, stall guards)!

I'm currently on my second Loyal spreader (sold at TSC), which I have totally loved ... -23-bushel But the flat apron chain rusts quickly and periodically needs links replaced, usually just when DH has gone out of town ;) The box and bottom also eventually rust. DH spent 4 hours recently replacing the rusted links and doing maintenance, after which he declared "Done!".

I'm strongly considering this one ... e-spreader There is a local dealer close to me who can get it shipped from the mfg. then bring it out to the ranch for no extra charge. Delivery is sometimes one of those overlooked issues with items this heavy. I figure if I sell my Loyal on Craigslist (I did it with the last one!), I can offset the cost of a new spreader, although I might take out payment on my old Loyal spreader in the form of either toilet paper, or, brush clearing ;)

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Re: Manure Spreaders

Postby lorilu » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:32 am

I have a small Newer spreader. No chains - ground driven. Perfect for my one horse.

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