Big tack trunk cleanout!

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Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby StraightForward » Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:10 pm

Time to clear some things out! Anything that fits in a medium flat rate box ships for $13.20. Large flat rate would probably be around $16 with PayPal payment. Negotiable on multiple items.

Pics here: ... sp=sharing

Joseph Sterling Convertible Wide-Nose bridles. I have these in both Full and Oversize. Some parts have been very lightly used, but all virtually new. Removable bradoon hanger and removable flash, so these work as a snaffle or double. They come with a set of double bridle reins; one plain pair of curb reins and one plain pair of rubber-lined reins. Attractive white piping with black padding. $150 each.

Thinline shim pad, size large. Has been on a horse but basically new. No shims included, cotton underside (no sheepskin). $125, or trade for same in black.

Saddleright half pad. Leather covered, will not compress, great for evening out saddle fit and providing spine freedom. I have used this with an 18” dressage saddle, but it would be better with a 17.5 or smaller saddle. $200 (current retail for these is $345).

Cob size Solo Equine Simplicity bridle. Clear rhinestone wave browband. French caveson no flash (not pictured). Used about a dozen times. $120

FSS black cob cheek pieces with hook stud ends and upgraded buckles. $10.

Havana leather full size flash strap. $5.

Pink Equine full-size dressage bridle in black with light blue padding. Has a flash loop but no flash. Fits closer to an oversize, so should work well for most warmbloods (it fit my 17H quarter horse gelding perfectly). Basic French caveson and non-padded crown. $30.

PS Sweden High Jump full size bridle in black. Includes original fancy-stitch nose piece and extra rhinestone-studded nosepiece. Snap on browband. Older bridle with better quality leather. Has some wear, but in overall good condition with lots of life left. $200.


Unbranded 4.75” jointed irons with rubber pads. $15.

Tekna Webber style synthetic leathers. Only used for a few months. $20.

Medium Wintec gullet bar $5

SSG size 9 KoolFlo mesh back gloves. New. $10

Large Furminator shedding blade. $15.


Horze gel wither pad. A little dirty from being in the tack box, but never used. $35.

Like new Schockemohle horse size Silent Ear bonnet in black. $40.

Tory Leather show lunge line. $60

Hay Play ball $60

Orange padded bridle bag with 3 velcro loops. $10

XL Davis soaking boot (fits warmblood size feet) $20

Wither pad for surcingle in black sheepskin with velcro. $15.


Black Westip all-elastic girths. Size 48” and 50”. $15 each

54” Henri de Rivel havana anatomic leather overlay girth. $65

Weaver western cinch 34” $20
24” western pony cinch $5


34L SmartPak Piper original white breeches. Unworn, but do have a couple small smudges that would likely wash out, but are not very noticeable. $40

Horze size 12 breathable ratcatcher type shirt in flamingo orange. NWT. $10

Pre-tied white stock tie in an acrylic fabric. $10


Equiture cob size bling browband in blue and opal with matching stock pin. $50

Waldhausen full wave browband in red, white and blue (this one has smaller loops about 1”). $40.


Large horse Hybrid Halter in black leather with throatlatch snap. These have be benefits of a rope halter for training, along with the advantages of a leather halter. Has holes punched for nameplate on left cheek. $60

Ovation full size fancy stitched leather halter. Adjustable nose and rolled throatlatch with snap. $50.


Full set of black fleece polos. Hind wraps are longer than front wraps. Good quality and barely used $15

Size large Royal Rider hock boots. $25

Size medium hock shields in fair condition. $25
Professional’s Choice Pro Performance hybrid splint boots size medium in black (fit fronts on an average sized horse). Lightly used. $40

Set of 4 black LeMieux neoprene splint/brushing boots. Some stitching has come undone at the bottom of the strike pads, but they are otherwise in good shape and have lots of life left. $25.

Professional’s Choice SMBs. Unsure of the size, but fit hinds on an average size horse, would fit fronts on a larger horse. $20

2 CleanTrax soaking boots. One new in bag, one used a couple times. $20 each or $35 for both.

XL Classic Equine DyNo no-turn ballistic nylon bell boots. Lightly used, all velcro intact. $20

Full set of Iconoclast Rehabilitation Boots, black, size L (fit my average sized mare and could go larger). Hinds were lightly used for a few months of rehab. Fronts only used once or twice. Selling as a set. $130.


5" Sanft curved loose ring $30
5" Korsteel curved D ring $20
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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby Silverado » Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:20 pm

Just sent you a PM about the Knockoff PS Sweden High Jump style cob bridle.

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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby Kamama » Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:07 pm

PM Sent.

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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby StraightForward » Tue Aug 18, 2020 11:03 pm

List updated to delete sold items and add Solo Equine bridle.
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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby Srhorselady » Tue Aug 18, 2020 11:31 pm

PM sent. Thanks

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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby Fzybtfrm » Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:22 pm

Could you give me the length and width of the cob sized browband with blue and clear crystals? Also does the stock pin included have a good thick "Pin" on it? I am tired of buying pretty stock tie pins that have a frail little pin that won't go through stock tie material! Appreciate your time! Pm me or send email to

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Re: Big tack trunk cleanout!

Postby StraightForward » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:27 pm

PM Sent.
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